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Tommy Peters

Since he was 20 years old, award-winning tattoo artist Tommy Peters has been digging old bottles—literally. “I love the history behind them,” says Tommy. But his interest in making them into art only began about two years ago.

“My wife and I have always been interested in the Native American History of our area, and we’ve collected artifacts for decades. That’s where my glass creations started,” explains Tommy. “I started making arrowheads with pieces of my broken antique bottles. After a while, I just progressed to different shapes—hearts, stars, and eventually animals.”

While not technically stained-glass pieces, Tommy makes all his art using antique glass bottles that he and his wife dig up from “secret dig spots,” as he says, and he creates each piece by using “hand knapping,” the same traditional methods used by Native Americans for making arrowheads.

“Most times, the glass determines what it’s going to be. I’ve found that green glass is particularly unpredictable, so what may have started as one thing will become something else,” says Tommy. “I think it’s awesome that something so old and discarded can live on as something beautiful!”

How to Purchase Tommy Peters Suncatchers

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mini suncatchers

Mini Suncatchers

New mini-sized Suncatchers made from locally dug 100+ yr old glass. 

whale suncatcher


Whale & Starfish Suncatcher made from 120+ yr old glass dug locally here from Cape May. 

fish suncatcher


A fun little fish Suncatcher just made this afternoon from all locally recovered antique glass dating over 100yrs old. 

blue heart suncatcher


The Blue Heart of the Ocean. 

green suncatcher


Irish Suncatcher made from all 100+ yr old glass. The light green heart is Vaseline/ Uranium glass and will glow under a black light. 

tooth suncatcher


Life-sized Megalodon Tooth made from locally dug antique glass dating over 100yrs old. 

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